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Arabian Meadows is an Asil Arabian breeding ranch in Valley View, Texas, which breeds Al Khamsa Inc. Arabian Horses. We breed for strength, speed, power, beauty, and endurance. Home of SE Stallion, Heirogant; and Senior Bahrani Stallion, Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal. Frozen is available in limited supply for EAI Silvereen.  Please see our Stallion Page for breeding information.

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Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal

(Hamdaany Wadhah 901 x Kuheilat Al Adiyat Afeefa 1212)

Photograph:  Carolyn Vaughn                      

Arabian Meadows graciously accepts the gift of the Bahrani stallion Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal from HM King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, by the generous suggestion of HH Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, and orchestrated by Jenny Lees of Pearl Island Arabians, UK. This outstanding stallion was raced by the Royal family and has proven to have a very successful record on the track in Bahrain. He will be offered at stud here at Arabian Meadows and bred to Ubayyat al Bahrain to preserve the Bahrani bloodline in the United States. He is 100% desert-bred Asil. Pending Roster proposal for Al Khamsa, Inc. 2021/2022.

Birth Announcements: 2022

Ubayyat Al Sharifah

Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal x Ubayyat Al Bahrain 

April  5, 2022

Sharifah is 3/4 Bahraini and 1/4 Saudi  Arabian filly.   She is tall with a lot of substance.  She inheritietd the human-friendly, loving temperament from her dam and sire.  This hearty little gril does not tire. She will stand by your side for hours.  When she runs, she moves incredibley fast .  Like Sharifah's dam, she will be a dark bay in her early years and will grey late. 


Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal x Bint LD Silver Shadow 

April  13, 2022

Sariea was 1/2 Bahraini and 1/2 Purebred from our Arabian racing line.  Flashy white socks. curious and spunky.  Very human-friendly and loving.  Sariea was lost  at 3-weeks due to an unusual weather-related event.  

Sariea appered that she would have remained Chestnut. 

Naseem Ibn Hashal​

Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal x Habibiti Bint Hakaya

April  30, 2022

 Our  1/2 Bahraini, 1/2 Straight Egyptian Colt.  "Naseem" has proven to be the most well-behaved colt we could ever imagine.   He too received the sweet human-friendly Bahraini temperament.  He has been incredibly easy to handle from the day he was born.  He runs like the wind and had a kind eye, with a erect neck. Naseem will be grey. 

Yasmeen Bint Silvereen

EAI Silvereen x Hadiya Jameela 

June 10, 2022

 100% Straight Egyptian filly.   Yasmeen is a typey Arabian and very feminine.  She has a short back, short cannons, dished face,  small tipped ears, and a high tail carriage.  She trots with a beautiful floating gait.  Yasmeen will be grey. 

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