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Arabian Meadows is an Asil Arabian breeding ranch in Valley View, Texas, which breeds Al Khamsa Inc. Arabian Horses. We breed for strength, speed, power, beauty, and endurance. Home of Senior SE Stallion, EAI Silvereen, Junior SE Stallion, Heirogant, and Senior Bahrani Stallion, Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal. Please see our Stallion Page for breeding information.

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Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal

(Hamdaany Wadhah 901 x Kuheilat Al Adiyat Afeefa 1212)

Photograph: Terry Cage                      

Arabian Meadows graciously accepts the gift of the Bahrani stallion Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal from HM King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, by the generous suggestion of HH Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, and orchestrated by Jenny Lees of Pearl Island Arabians, UK. This outstanding stallion was raced by the Royal family and has proven to have a very successful record on the track in Bahrain. He will be offered at stud here at Arabian Meadows and bred to Ubayyat al Bahrain to preserve the Bahrani bloodline in the United States. He is 100% desert bred Asil. Pending Roster proposal for Al Khamsa, Inc. 2021/2022.


Ubayyat Al-Bahrain

Arabian Meadows is excited to announce the arrival of UBAYYAT AL-BAHRAIN, Ubayatt (Obeyan) Strain. This rare and unique asil mare is one of just one of the two Bahraini Bloodline Horses in the United States from the full Bahraini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon who is now deceased. The Bahraini horses have been bred to be genetically good-natured and gentle. Our mare "Bahrain" has proven to be just that. She is an athlete and has good endurance. Her dam is DB Kalila, she is a Saudi bloodline mare. Her bloodlines are 100% pure from the deserts of Arabia, she is "Asil" and a member of Al Khamsa Inc. Since "Bahrain's" bloodlines from the sire and dam are both endangered of extinction we will breed her often to preserve these precious lines. Foals will be offered in the future to promote the preservation and enhance the gentleness of the Arabian horse. So with open arms, we welcome UBAYYAT AL- BAHRAIN to ARABIAN MEADOWS.   

Birth Announcement: Ubayyat al Jennine

Shuwaiman al Rias x Ubayyat al Bahrain

May 15, 2020, Arabian Meadows was pleased to announce the well-anticipated birth of Ubayyat al Jennine. Jennine is 3/4 Bahraini and 1/4 Saudi. She is the first foal of Ubayyat al Bahrain. The sire Shuwaiman al Rias is full Bahraini and is from Pearl Island Arabians in the U.K. owned by Jenny Lees. Her dam (above) is our code red mare who is a daughter of the late Baharaini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Soloman.

She is an Al Khamsa Arabian. This outstanding filly has the temperament of an angel.

Youtube video link:

Next Generation:

We welcome our future breeding stock...


"Rasheed"                                                                                        "Najeeb"

Rasheed Ibn Silvereen, Grey 2018 (SE) FOR SALE See Blog Page for Photo

      EAI Silvereen x Taliq - Strain: Kuheilan Ajuz

This young colt seems to have "it". He looks like he will be tall, good legs, short back, a long erect neck like his sire, vertical tail carriage, large eyes, short canons, nice round hindquarters. He's playful, friendly, alert, and learns quickly. Can't wait to see him mature. Due to space, he is for sale, call PJ (972) 802-4660.

Member: Pyramid Society and Al Khamsa, Inc.

Link to Youtube Video

Najeeb Ibn Silvereen Grey 2019 (SE). FOR SALE See Blag Page for Photo

      EAI Silvereen x Amira Ibn Morafic - Strain: Kuheilan Ajuz

      -Owned by- Shirley & Mark Dodson

Adorable Colt, very correct - erect long neck, long legs, very high tail carriage, and he will be a tall one. Greying very early. Playful and well mannered, loves to run, a stunning colt. Asil all the way, impeccable pedigree. Due to lack of stallion space available, this young colt will be for sale. Please call for details, (972) 802-4660 - ask for PJ.

Member: Pyramid Society and Al Khamsa, Inc.