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Why is the Bahraini horse so special?

To find out more about the Bahraini line and the Royal Stud of Bahrain:

Bahrani Inheritance Mares

Ubayyat al Bahrain 2011 (gm)

Mlolshann Hager Solmon 1986(gs) x DB Kalila 2002(bm)

Ubayyat Al Bahrain Pedigree Link:

UBAYYAT AL-BAHRAIN, Ubayatt (Obeyan) Strain. This rare and unique asil mare is one of just one of the former two Bahraini Bloodline Horses in the United States from the full Bahraini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon who is now deceased.  She is half Bahraini and half Saudi bloodlines. 

The Bahraini horses have been bred to be genetically good-natured and gentle. Our mare "Bahrain" has proven to be just that. She is an athlete and has good endurance. Her dam is DB Kalila, she is a Saudi bloodline mare. Her bloodlines are 100% pure from the deserts of Arabia, she is "Asil" and a member of Al Khamsa Inc. Since "Bahrain's" bloodlines from the sire and dam are both endangered of extinction we will breed her often to preserve these precious lines. Foals will be offered in the future to promote the preservation and enhance the gentleness of the Arabian horse. Since acquiring "Bahrain" she was bred to a full Bahrani stallion in the UK, Shuawaiman Al Rais and we have been blessed with a spectacular filly, Ubayyat Al Jennine. "Bahrain" was bred again in 2021 to our newly acquired Bahrani stallion, Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal. In April of 2022 she produced another lovely, leggy, strong filly with mind and substance. Again this filly (Ubayyat al Sharifah) possesses the same amazingly sweet and gentle "in the tent" temperament of the Bahraini horses.  

Member: Al Khamsa

Strain: Obeyan


Ubayyat Al Jennine 2020 (bm)

Shuwaiman al Rais 2000 (cs) x Ubayyat al Bahrain 2011 (gm)

Ubayyat Al Jennine Pedigree Link

Jennine was bred in the United States to full Bahraini Stallion  Shuwaiman al Rais from Pearl Island Arabians in the United Kingdom.  "Jennine" is 3/4 Bahraini and 1/4 Saudi.  

Photo at 6-month old.

Youtube video link:

Al Khamsa

May 15, 2020, Arabian Meadows was pleased to announce the well-anticipated birth of Ubayyat al Jennine. "Jennine" is 3/4 Bahraini and 1/4 Saudi. She is the first foal of Ubayyat al Bahrain. The sire Shuwaiman al Rias is full Bahraini and is from Pearl Island Arabians in the U.K. and owned by Jenny Lees. Her dam, Ubayyat Al Bahrain (above) is our code red mare who is a daughter of the late Baharaini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Soloman.

Jennine possesses the extraordinary gentle nature of the Bahraini horses. She is loving and social. She has long powerful legs, a nice strong back, and a beautiful well-built shoulder, all packaged in a gracefully refined body.  Our plans for her are to breed her to our full Bahrani Stallion, Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal when she gets old enough to produce an 87.5% Bahrani foal. 

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