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EAI Silvereen *Heirogant  * SS Shadeed

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Safeen (G) 1991 X Shohreh (G) 1991  
Offering Live Coverage or Cooled Semen - shipped US only $2,500.00.  Please call for International frozen semen quote. 
Pyramid Society & 
Al Khamsa Strain: Dahman Shahwan

This beautifully correct world renowned Champion Halter Horse has been the sire and grandsire to Multi-Champions. EAI Silvereen, will take your breath away when he enters the show ring. He is grand-sire to the 2017 World Grand Supreme Champion in the 3 year old class, Fanaticaa. Silvereen is known for producing better than himself and improving the mare, in the areas of straight backs, lengthens neck, short tippy ears, short cannons, shortens face, high tail carriages and nice reaching shoulders. He presents himself with upright head, high tail carriage, straight-short back, good legs, long neck, well rounded hind-quarter, big expressive eyes, nice jaw and beautiful face. This respected stud is full of showmanship.  In a word he has CHARISMA.



(Not Pictured)


Heirogant (G) 2007: 

VP Regal Heir 1988 (G)
 X Hakaya El Nefous 1999 (G)

Live coverage or Cooled Semen, shipped US only. $2,000.00  
Please call for International Frozen Semen quote.

Pyramid Society,
Al Khamsa. 

Strain: Saqlawai Jidrani

This exotic stallion displays a beautifully arched neck which he inherited from his father, the amazing, VP Regal Heir.  Heirogant is a Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa stud which carries the bloodline of great Asil Arabians such as  Nazeer, Ibn Morafic, Bint Mona, El Hilal, Ibn Halima, Moniet El Nefous and The Egyptian Prince to mention a few.  His female tail line is Saqlawi Jidran.  He has a uniquely silky coat, bright eyes, great strong legs, hard healthy hooves, great bones, smooth ride, very playful, with spirit and energy. Gives beautiful athletic compact
babies with fast strong legs.  




DAM: Hakaya El Nefous

SIRE: VP Regal Heir



                                                PEDIGREE: Heirogant                                                

SS Shadeed

SS Shadeed - Purebred Black Arabian 
(b) 1998 AHR *0561526
So Excited ER+/ (C)   LD Sliver Shadow (G) 1989

Beautiful Black Arabian Stallion. Shadeed is an exceptionally athletic stallion with a long neck, good confirmation and beautiful head who stands 15 hh. He is a true black and was not bred for color.  Shadeed's pedigree includes equine greats such as his sire So Excited ER, Candian top 10 and US National Reserve Champion; Huckleberry Bey , US National Reserve Champion; Barbary, seven time National Winner; Elkin, National Champion; and the ever amazing Morafic, sire to many National Champions.  He is a joy to ride and has a great temperament.

Stud fee: $1,500 Live Coverage and Cooled Semen shipped in US only. Call for quote outside US. 

Contact: Marwan 469-556-6425


Dam: LD Silver Shadow

DAM: LD Silver Shadow

So Excited ER+/
(Internet reproduction)


                                              PEDIGREE: SS Shadeed
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